Combo Pack (Birth Chart + Palm Reading)

Combo Pack

Birth Chart + Palm Reading

1. Palm-Reading – In this package our expert will give you a detailed palm reading of your hands, analysis of the type of hand , lines, mount, details about money, luck, life, love matters as well as discussion on any particular issue/aspect of life you are facing along with the remedies you need to do on the basis of your palm. For this reading, you would need to provide/share with us at least 6 images each of your palm back and the front portion of right as well as left hand. Example images are shown below.

2. Birth Chart/Horoscope Analysis – Basis your horoscope/janma-patri our expert will cover in detail about general aspects of your life like career, money, overall life, raj-yoga period etc. We will guide you about your qualities, short-comings, general nature, planetary dasa, sade-saati, manglik dosa, we will be able to take any question you may have. There would be a detailed discussion on remedies to be done like puja, grah shanti, gemstone recommendations etc. For this, you would need to provide us with your correct Date of birth, time and place of birth.

Note – In some cases where your time is incorrect and you have little idea about the time as in noon, morning, evening birth etc birth time correction technique can be used to do the correct prediction. In this, our expert will analyze your horoscope as well as Palm Details/Hast-Rekha. All the matters/aspects will be covered as written in point 1 and 2 above.

Time given – 40-45 min, Offer Price – INR – 800/- only

NOTE -Urgent speaking with astrologer will be charged INR 200 extra.